y Words: Questions and How-Tos

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with the letter “Y” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

  1. Yearn- Have an intense feeling of longing
  2. Yield- Produce or provide
  3. Yonder- At some distance in the direction indicated
  4. Yawn- Involuntary opening of the mouth often due to tiredness or boredom
  5. Yoke- A wooden crosspiece for animals; to join or harness
  6. Yarn- Spun thread for knitting or weaving; a tall tale
  7. Yelp- A short, sharp cry, especially of pain or alarm
  8. Yowl- A loud wailing cry
  9. Yoke- Device for binding animals to haul a load
  10. Youth- The time of life between childhood and adulthood
  11. Yearling- An animal one year old
  12. Yucky- Disgusting or unpleasant
  13. Yummy- Delicious
  14. Yesteryear- Last year, or the recent past
  15. Yogurt- A dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk
  16. Yahoo- An uncouth or uncivilized person
  17. Yeast- A microorganism used in baking and brewing
  18. Yawn- A wide opening of the mouth due to tiredness
  19. Yellow- A color like that of egg yolk
  20. Yuletide- The Christmas season
  21. Yo- yo – A toy consisting of a disk with a string wound around it
  22. Yawn- A deep, prolonged breath
  23. Yikes- An exclamation of surprise or fear
  24. Yacht- A medium-sized sailing boat equipped for cruising
  25. Yearbook- An annual publication documenting the year’s events
  26. Yeoman- A man holding and cultivating a small landed estate
  27. Yin- The passive female principle of the universe in Chinese philosophy
  28. Yang- The active male principle of the universe in Chinese philosophy
  29. Yore- A long time ago
  30. Yardstick- A measuring stick one yard long
  31. Yarn- Thread for knitting or weaving
  32. Yodel- To sing with a rapid alternation between the normal voice and falsetto
  33. Yammer- To whine or complain continuously
  34. Yelp- A short, sharp cry
  35. Yew- A type of evergreen tree
  36. Yuppie- A young urban professional
  37. Yahoo- A rude, noisy, or violent person
  38. Yokel- An unsophisticated person from a rural area
  39. Yard- An enclosed area around a house or building
  40. Yes- man – A person who agrees with everything said
  41. Yippee- An exclamation of joy
  42. Youthful- Young or seeming young
  43. Yielding- Flexible, giving in to others
  44. Yucky- Gross or disgusting
  45. Yip- A short, high-pitched bark
  46. Yong- An alternate spelling for “young”
  47. Yellowish- Somewhat yellow in color
  48. Yokel- A derogatory term for a country person
  49. Yonder- In the direction over there
  50. Yummy- Delicious or tasty
  51. Yarn- Story or adventure
  52. Year- A period of 12 months
  53. Yelling- To shout or scream
  54. Yokemate- A companion or mate
  55. Yogurt- Fermented milk product
  56. Yellowtail- A type of fish
  57. Yardarm- The outer end of a ship’s yard
  58. Yip- To make a short, sharp cry
  59. Yesteryear- Days of the past
  60. Yeomanry- The class of yeomen
  61. Yabby- A type of freshwater crustacean
  62. Yukon- A territory in Canada
  63. YoYo- A toy that goes up and down
  64. Yakka- Hard work (Australian informal)
  65. Yamp- To bark or yelp
  66. Yardman- A person who works in a yard
  67. Yuga- A Hindu time period
  68. Yock- To laugh loudly (Scottish dialect)
  69. Yautia- A type of root vegetable
  70. Yean- To give birth to a young sheep or goat
  71. Yoke- Part of a garment fitting across the shoulders
  72. Yegg- A burglar or safecracker
  73. Yashmak- A veil worn by some Muslim women
  74. Yowie- A mythical creature from Australian folklore
  75. Yucca- A plant with sword-shaped leaves
  76. Yo- yo – Up and down motion
  77. Yolky- Relating to egg yolk
  78. Yin- yang – Complementary forces in Chinese philosophy
  79. Yardage- Measurement in yards
  80. Yuppie- Young urban professional, often materialistic
  81. Youthquake- Significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people
  82. Yachtsman- A person who sails or owns a yacht
  83. Yabber- To talk or chat (Australian informal)
  84. Yohimbine- A compound extracted from the bark of an African tree, used in medicine
  85. Yeniceri- A member of the elite infantry of the Ottoman Empire (historical)
  86. Yardbird- A soldier assigned to menial tasks
  87. Yurt- A portable, round tent used by nomads in Central Asia
  88. Yukata- A casual summer kimono
  89. Youthfulness- The state of being young or seeming young
  90. Yearlong- Continuing or lasting for a year
  91. YOB- An abbreviation for “Youth on Board”
  92. Yabber- Talk rapidly and impersistently (Australian slang)
  93. Yaourt- Another term for yogurt
  94. Yardland- An old English measure of land area
  95. Yardie- Member of a Jamaican gang involved in drug dealing
  96. Yuzu- A citrus fruit of East Asian origin
  97. Yabber- To talk or converse noisily
  98. Yolanda- A female given name
  99. Yeshiva- A Jewish educational institution
  100. Yeggman- A burglar or safecracker

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