Adjectives That Start with B: Boost Your Vocabulary

Learn a wide array of adjectives that start with the letter “B” to enhance your vocabulary and make your descriptions more vivid.

  1. Beautiful- Pleasing to the senses or mind.
  2. Brave- Ready to face and endure danger or pain.
  3. Bright- Giving out or reflecting a lot of light.
  4. Brilliant- Exceptionally clever or talented.
  5. Bashful- Reluctant to draw attention to oneself; shy.
  6. Bitter- Having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet.
  7. Blue- Of the color intermediate between green and violet.
  8. Blissful- Extremely happy; full of joy.
  9. Busy- Actively engaged in a particular activity.
  10. Bland- Lacking strong features or characteristics; uninteresting.
  11. Basic- Forming an essential foundation or starting point.
  12. Brief- Lasting for a short period of time.
  13. Bumpy- Uneven with raised patches; not smooth.
  14. Boisterous- Noisy, energetic, and cheerful.
  15. Beneficial- Producing good or helpful results.
  16. Bold- Showing a willingness to take risks.
  17. Broken- Fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece.
  18. Bitter- Angry, hurt, or resentful.
  19. Benign- Gentle and kind.
  20. Blunt- Uncompromisingly forthright.
  21. Bewildered- Perplexed and confused.
  22. Bizarre- Very strange or unusual.
  23. Bland- Lacking strong features or characteristics.
  24. Boiling- Very hot or intensely angry.
  25. Burdensome- Causing hardship or distress.
  26. Bountiful- Large in quantity; abundant.
  27. Blushing- Developing a pink tinge in the face due to embarrassment.
  28. Bedraggled- Dirty and disheveled.
  29. Benevolent- Well-meaning and kindly.
  30. Brittle- Easily broken or cracked.
  31. Baffled- Totally bewildered or perplexed.
  32. Bewitching- Enchanting or delightful.
  33. Bustling- Full of activity.
  34. Bitter- Harsh or corrosive in tone.
  35. Blazing- Burning brightly and strongly.
  36. Brazen- Bold and without shame.
  37. Boundless- Unlimited or immense.
  38. Breathtaking- Astonishing or awe-inspiring in quality.
  39. Boorish- Rough and bad-mannered.
  40. Benevolent- Well-meaning and kindly.
  41. Briny- Salty.
  42. Beloved- Dearly loved.
  43. Buxom- Full-bosomed.
  44. Balmy- Pleasantly warm.
  45. Boosted- Enhanced in strength or value.
  46. Breezy- Relaxed and informal in style or manner.
  47. Beneficent- Generous or doing good.
  48. Blissful- Full of joy.
  49. Barbaric- Savagely cruel.
  50. Ballistic- Extremely and usually suddenly excited, upset, or angry.
  51. Bountiful- Giving freely and generously.
  52. Barefoot- Wearing nothing on the feet.
  53. Basic- Fundamental.
  54. Bitter- Exhibiting strong animosity.
  55. Blasphemous- Sacrilegious against God or sacred things.
  56. Breviloquent- Brief in speech.
  57. Blessed- Holy; sanctified.
  58. Bitter- Sharp taste or tone.
  59. Bewildered- Confused and puzzled.
  60. Baseless- Without foundation in fact.
  61. Braided- Woven together.
  62. Buzzing- Full of activity or excitements.
  63. Bizarre- Odd or unusual.
  64. Bulky- Large and unwieldy.
  65. Benign- Gentle, kind, harmless.
  66. Bridled- Controlled or restrained.
  67. Bitter- Harsh in taste or demeanor.
  68. Blissful- Extremely happy.
  69. Bellicose- Demonstrating aggression.
  70. Blatant- Done openly and unashamedly.
  71. Bland- Mild or insipid.
  72. Blistering- Extremely hot or sensitive.
  73. Booming- Loud, deep, and resonant.
  74. Believable- Able to be believed.
  75. Bombastic- High-sounding but with little meaning.
  76. Brusque- Abrupt or offhand in speech or manner.
  77. Barren- Too poor to produce vegetation.
  78. Balanced- Being in a state of proper equilibrium.
  79. Boon- Close, intimate, or favorite.
  80. Bulbous- Fat, round, or bulging.
  81. Bewitching- Powerfully or seductively charming.
  82. Borrowed- Taken and used temporarily.
  83. Brainy- Intelligent.
  84. Born- Having a specified state into existence.
  85. Bitterhearted- Resentful or cynical.
  86. Brisk- Active, fast, and energetic.
  87. Bright- eyed – Having shining and attentive eyes.
  88. Boisterous- Energetic and cheerful.
  89. Blissful- Extremely happy.
  90. Bookish- Devoted to reading and studying.
  91. Boilermaker- Skilled in making or working with boilers.
  92. Beaming- Radiant; smiling brightly.
  93. Brawny- Physically strong.
  94. Branchy- Having many branches.
  95. Brown- eyed – Having eyes of a brown color.
  96. Bumptious- Self-assertive or proud to an irritating degree.
  97. Bushy- Thick and spreading.
  98. Breezy- Fresh, lively, and brisk.
  99. Brash- Self-assertive in a rude or overbearing way.
  100. Bucktoothed- Having prominent or projecting front teeth.

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