Adjectives That Start With Q: List of Descriptive Words

Discover a comprehensive list of adjectives that start with the letter “Q” to boost your writing creativity and vocabulary.

  1. Quaint- Attractively old-fashioned or charming.
  2. Quarrelsome- Inclined to argue or dispute.
  3. Quick- Fast in movement or action.
  4. Quiet- Making little or no noise.
  5. Quizzical- Indicating mild or amused puzzlement.
  6. Qualified- Officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job.
  7. Quaquaversal- Facing or turned in all directions.
  8. Quiescent- In a state of dormancy or inactivity.
  9. Quixotic- Extremely idealistic, unrealistic, and impractical.
  10. Quantifiable- Able to be measured or counted.
  11. Queasy- Feeling sick or nauseated.
  12. Quadruple- Consisting of four parts or elements.
  13. Quotable- Suitable for quoting.
  14. Quenched- Satisfied (thirst).
  15. Quivering- Trembling or shaking with slight rapid motion.
  16. Qualified- Meeting the proper standards and requirements.
  17. Quarantined- Isolated to prevent the spread of disease.
  18. Questionable- Doubtful or suspicious.
  19. Quick- witted – Showing or characterized by an ability to think or respond quickly.
  20. Quintessential- Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.
  21. Quicksilver- Rapidly changing or unpredictable in nature.
  22. Quasi- Apparently but not really; seemingly.
  23. Quotidian- Occurring daily; everyday.
  24. Quasi- judicial – Having a partly judicial character by possession of the right to hold hearings and adjudicate claims.
  25. Queueing- Lining up or waiting in line.
  26. Qatari- Of or relating to Qatar.
  27. Quantal- Relating to the measurement of quantities or amounts.
  28. Qualitative- Measuring the quality of something rather than its quantity.
  29. Quantitative- Relating to the measurement of quantity.
  30. Quaker- Relating to the Religious Society of Friends.
  31. Quintuple- Consisting of five parts or elements.
  32. Quenched- Extinguished or suppressed.
  33. Quenched- Satisfied (thirst).
  34. Questioning- Showing curiosity or doubt.
  35. Quietus- Bringing peace or calm; soothing.
  36. Quirky- Characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.
  37. Quirinal- Pertaining to one of the seven hills of Rome.
  38. Quenchable- Capable of being quenched.
  39. Quintessential- It’s so important it’s listed twice.

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