Adjectives That Start With C: Enhance Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a comprehensive list of adjectives starting with the letter “C” to enhance your vocabulary and spice up your writing.

  1. Calm- not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions.
  2. Capable- having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing.
  3. Captivating- capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.
  4. Careful- making sure of avoiding potential danger, mishap, or harm.
  5. Careless- not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or errors.
  6. Cautious- careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.
  7. Charming- very pleasant or attractive.
  8. Cheerful- noticeably happy and optimistic.
  9. Chilly- uncomfortably cool or cold.
  10. Chubby- plump and rounded.
  11. Circular- having the form of a circle.
  12. Classic- judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
  13. Clean- free from dirt, marks, or stains.
  14. Clear- easy to perceive, understand, or interpret.
  15. Clever- quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas.
  16. Clumsy- awkward in movement or handling things.
  17. Coarse- rough or harsh in texture.
  18. Cold- of or at a low or relatively low temperature.
  19. Colorful- having much or varied color; bright.
  20. Colossal- extremely large or great.
  21. Comfortable- providing physical ease and relaxation.
  22. Common- occurring, found, or done often; prevalent.
  23. Compact- closely and neatly packed together; dense.
  24. Compassionate- feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.
  25. Competent- having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.
  26. Complex- consisting of many different and connected parts.
  27. Complicated- consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate.
  28. Composed- having one’s feelings and expression under control; calm.
  29. Conceited- excessively proud of oneself; vain.
  30. Concerned- worried, troubled, or anxious.
  31. Concrete- existing in a material or physical form; real or solid; not abstract.
  32. Confident- feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured.
  33. Confusing- making one feel bewildered or perplexed.
  34. Conscious- aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.
  35. Considerate- careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others.
  36. Consistent- acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.
  37. Conspicuous- standing out so as to be clearly visible.
  38. Constant- occurring continuously over a period of time.
  39. Contagious- (of a disease) spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact.
  40. Contemporary- living or occurring at the same time.
  41. Content- in a state of peaceful happiness.
  42. Contrary- opposite in nature, direction, or meaning.
  43. Convenient- fitting in well with a person’s needs, activities, and plans.
  44. Convivial- (of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable.
  45. Cool- of or at a fairly low temperature.
  46. Cooperative- involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.
  47. Cordial- warm and friendly.
  48. Corrupt- having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.
  49. Costly- resulting in great expense.
  50. Courageous- not deterred by danger or pain; brave.
  51. Courteous- polite, respectful, or considerate in manner.
  52. Crafty- clever at achieving one’s aims by indirect or deceitful methods.
  53. Cramped- uncomfortably small or restricted.
  54. Crass- lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence.
  55. Crazy- mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.
  56. Creative- relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
  57. Creepy- causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.
  58. Crimson- of a rich deep red color inclining to purple.
  59. Crisp- (of weather) cool, fresh, and invigorating.
  60. Critical- expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgments.
  61. Crooked- bent or twisted out of shape or out of place.
  62. Crowded- (of a space) full of people, leaving little or no room for movement; packed.
  63. Crucial- decisive or critical, especially in the success or failure of something.
  64. Cruel- willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it.
  65. Crumbly- breaking easily into small crumbs or pieces.
  66. Crunchy- making a sharp noise when bitten or crushed; firm and crisp.
  67. Cryptic- having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure.
  68. Cuddly- suitable or inviting for cuddling.
  69. Cultured- characterized by refined taste and manners and good education.
  70. Cumbersome- large or heavy and therefore difficult to carry or use; unwieldy.
  71. Curious- eager to know or learn something.
  72. Current- belonging to the present time; happening or being used or done now.
  73. Curvy- (of a woman’s body) having a large bust and hips, with a narrow waist.
  74. Cute- attractive in a pretty or endearing way.
  75. Cynical- believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.

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