Adjectives That Start With J: Enhance Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of adjectives starting with the letter “J” to enhance your vocabulary and spice up your writing.

  1. Jaded- worn out or fatigued, often from overwork or overuse.
  2. Jaunty- having a buoyant or self-confident air; brisk.
  3. Jealous- feeling resentment against someone because of their success or advantages.
  4. Jesting- said or done in jest; joking.
  5. Jeweled- adorned with or as if with jewels.
  6. Jittery- nervous or unable to relax.
  7. Jocose- given to jesting; playfully humorous.
  8. Jocular- characterized by joking; humorous or playful.
  9. Jocund- cheerful and lighthearted.
  10. Jointed- having joints; articulated.
  11. Joking- said or done in jest.
  12. Jolly- full of good humor and cheer; jovial.
  13. Journalistic- relating to or characteristic of journalists or journalism.
  14. Jovial- marked by good cheer; hearty and friendly.
  15. Joyful- feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness.
  16. Joyous- full of joy; very happy.
  17. Jubilant- feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.
  18. Judgmental- having or displaying an excessively critical point of view.
  19. Judicious- having, showing, or done with good judgment or sense.
  20. Jumbled- mixed up in a confused or disorderly manner.
  21. Jumping- springing off the ground.
  22. Jumpy- anxious and uneasy.
  23. Junior- lower in rank or shorter in length of tenure.
  24. Juvenile- young or immature.
  25. Jagged- having rough, sharp points protruding.
  26. Jam- packed** – very crowded or packed tightly.
  27. Janitorial- relating to a janitor or janitorial work.
  28. Jeering- making rude and mocking remarks.
  29. Jingly- making a light tinkling sound.
  30. Jobless- without a paid job but available for work.
  31. Joint- shared, held, or made by two or more people together.
  32. Jovially- in a manner showing high spirits and good humor.
  33. Judicial- appropriate to a court or judge; relating to judgment in courts.
  34. Jumbled- in a confused or chaotic state.
  35. Just- based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.
  36. Justifiable- able to be shown to be right or reasonable; defensible.
  37. Justificatory- serving to justify something.
  38. Juicy- full of juice; succulent.
  39. Jumbo- unusually large.
  40. Juridical- relating to the administration of justice.
  41. Jurisdictional- relating to a particular jurisdiction, legal authority.
  42. Jurisprudential- relating to the theory or philosophy of law.
  43. Juristic- relating to legal matters or studies.
  44. Justly- in a way that is fair and morally right.
  45. Juvenescent- growing or becoming youthful.
  46. Juxtaposed- placed or positioned close together with contrasting effect.
  47. Jeopardous- involving or exposing to danger or risk.
  48. Jejune- naive, simplistic, and superficial; (of ideas or writings) dry and uninteresting.
  49. Jerky- characterized by sudden starts and stops.
  50. Jesting- humorous or intended to induce laughter.
  51. Jet- black** – extremely black in color.
  52. Jet- setting** – traveling from one fashionable or exotic place to another.
  53. Jinxed- having bad luck; unlucky.
  54. Jobbing- working at temporary jobs.
  55. Joculatory- pertaining to joking or jesting.
  56. Joinable- capable of being joined.
  57. Jolting- causing a sudden shock or surprise; jerky.
  58. Journalistic- pertaining to the work of a journalist.
  59. Journeyed- having traveled somewhere.
  60. Jovially- cheerful and friendly in manner.
  61. Joyless- without joy or happiness.
  62. Judge- like** – resembling or appropriate to a judge.
  63. Judicially- in a manner that is appropriate to a court of law.
  64. Juggernaut- a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force.
  65. Juiceless- dry, without juice.
  66. Juicily- with a lot of juice; succulently.
  67. Jumbledly- in a mixed-up or disordered way.
  68. Jumpable- capable of being jumped over or across.
  69. Jumpy- nervous or anxious.
  70. Junoesque- resembling Juno, the ancient Roman goddess; majestic and beautiful.
  71. Juristic- pertaining to law or jurisprudence.
  72. Justiciable- capable of being decided by a court of law.
  73. Justly- rightfully or appropriately.
  74. Juvenile- pertaining to youth; not fully matured.
  75. Jade- green** – of a green shade resembling jade stone.
  76. Jangled- making a dissonant or disturbing noise.
  77. Jargonistic- characterized by the use of jargon.
  78. Jazzed- excited or enthusiastic.
  79. Jean- clad** – dressed in jeans.
  80. Jeerful- full of jeers; mocking.
  81. Jellylike- having the consistency of jelly.
  82. Jewel- like** – resembling a jewel in appearance or value.
  83. Jeopardizing- putting in danger or at risk.
  84. Jitterbugged- danced the jitterbug, a lively dance from the swing era.
  85. Jittering- acting nervously or shakily.
  86. Jivey- lively, energetic, and lively in style or music.
  87. Job- oriented** – focused or centered around work or employment.
  88. Jowly- having sagging or prominent cheeks.
  89. Jubilee- celebrating a special anniversary.
  90. Judiciary- relating to the judicial branch or system.
  91. Junior- high** – relating to a school level between elementary and high school.
  92. Junk- food** – pertaining to food that is unhealthy but very appealing or enjoyable.
  93. Jurassic- relating to the period of the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs thrived.
  94. Jurisprudent- possessing knowledge of or skilled in law.
  95. Just- introduced** – newly presented or launched.
  96. Just- so** – precisely correct or appropriate; meticulous.
  97. Jute- made** – manufactured from jute, a long, soft, shiny fiber.
  98. Juxtapositional- relating to being placed side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.
  99. Jazz- like** – resembling or characteristic of jazz music.
  100. Journal- worthy** – noteworthy enough to be recorded in a journal.

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