Adjectives That Start with P: List of Descriptive Words

Looking for a diverse list of adjectives that start with the letter P?

  1. Passionate- showing intense feelings
  2. Patient- able to wait without frustration
  3. Peaceful- calm and tranquil
  4. Perfect- free from flaws
  5. Persistent- continuing firmly
  6. Playful- full of fun and high spirits
  7. Pleasant- giving a sense of happiness
  8. Polite- showing good manners
  9. Powerful- having great strength
  10. Practical- sensible and realistic
  11. Precious- of great value
  12. Precise- exact and accurate
  13. Prestigious- highly respected
  14. Profound- very deep or intense
  15. Prolific- highly productive
  16. Polished- refined and elegant
  17. Punctual- happening on time
  18. Positive- hopeful and confident
  19. Prudent- showing good judgment
  20. Pure- free from contamination
  21. Perceptive- having keen insight
  22. Passionless- lacking intense feelings
  23. Portable- easy to carry
  24. Predictable- expected
  25. Palpable- able to be touched or felt
  26. Pristine- in original condition
  27. Peppy- lively and high-spirited
  28. Picturesque- visually attractive
  29. Pleasing- appealing or agreeable
  30. Pompous- self-important
  31. Poised- composed and self-assured
  32. Peculiar- strange or odd
  33. Plentiful- abundant
  34. Potent- powerful or effective
  35. Perpetual- never-ending
  36. Picky- hard to please
  37. Peaceable- inclined to avoid conflict
  38. Paltry- insignificant
  39. Partial- biased
  40. Prime- of the best quality
  41. Poignant- evoking a keen sense of sadness
  42. Petty- of secondary importance
  43. Persuasive- good at persuading
  44. Plush- richly luxurious
  45. Palliative- relieving symptoms without addressing the cause
  46. Punitive- intended as punishment
  47. Prominent- important or famous
  48. Profitable- bringing advantage
  49. Proficient- skilled and competent
  50. Pernicious- harmful
  51. Plate- shaped like a flat dish
  52. Prudent- showing care and thought
  53. Paternal- related to fatherhood
  54. Paranoid- overly suspicious
  55. Precarious- not securely held
  56. Prevalent- widespread
  57. Plebeian- common, vulgar
  58. Pliable- easily bent or influenced
  59. Putrid- decaying or rotting
  60. Pubescent- reaching puberty
  61. Public- open to all people
  62. Pampered- indulged with comfort
  63. Pastoral- related to rural life
  64. Paramedic- relating to emergency medical services
  65. Patriotic- having love for one’s country
  66. Parched- extremely dry
  67. Pompous- excessively grand
  68. Palatial- resembling a palace
  69. Philanthropic- seeking to promote welfare of others
  70. Paradoxical- seemingly contradictory
  71. Pulsating- throbbing rhythmically
  72. Paternalistic- fatherly manner
  73. Palpable- plainly seen
  74. Portly- rather fat
  75. Pastel- pale in color
  76. Pretty- attractive in a delicate way
  77. Pertinent- relevant to a topic
  78. Paganish- relating to pagan ritual
  79. Pungent- having a sharp taste or smell
  80. Plethoric- excessively full
  81. Polyphonic- multi-voiced in music
  82. Potential- having possibility
  83. Poetic- having the qualities of poetry
  84. Pragmatic- dealing with practical matters
  85. Papery- thin and flimsy like paper
  86. Prurient- having excessive interest in sexual matters
  87. Plangent- loud and resonant
  88. Pseudo- not genuine, fake
  89. Phobic- having an extreme fear
  90. Pliable- easily bent or influenced
  91. Phantasmal- like a phantom
  92. Purposive- having a purpose
  93. Puritanical- very strict in moral or religious matters
  94. Prodigious- remarkably great in size or degree
  95. Pecuniary- relating to money
  96. Phenomenal- extraordinary
  97. Polyglot- speaking several languages
  98. Portable- easy to carry
  99. Provincial- concerning a province
  100. Picaresque- relating to an episodic style of fiction dealing with the adventures of a rough and dishonest but appealing hero

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