Adjectives That Start With W: List of Descriptive Words

Discover a comprehensive list of adjectives that start with the letter ‘W’ to expand your vocabulary and add more color to your writing.

  1. Warm- having warmth or a moderate temperature
  2. Wealthy- having a lot of money or possessions
  3. Witty- showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor
  4. Wise- having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment
  5. Willing- ready, eager, or prepared to do something
  6. Wonderful- inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration
  7. Warlike- inclined to war or conflict
  8. Watery- containing or resembling water
  9. Weak- lacking physical strength or energy
  10. Wicked- morally wrong or bad
  11. Wide- of great horizontal extent
  12. Wild- living or growing in the natural environment
  13. Woolly- covered with or resembling wool
  14. Wobbly- unsteady or not firm
  15. Wooden- made of wood
  16. Worn- out – exhausted or very tired
  17. Weathered- worn by long exposure to the atmosphere
  18. Worried- anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems
  19. Weak- willed – lacking resoluteness or firmness of character
  20. Watched- observed carefully
  21. Whimsical- playfully quaint or fanciful
  22. Wavering- moving in a quivering way; flickering
  23. Winsome- attractive or appealing in a fresh, innocent way
  24. Weighty- weighing a lot; heavy
  25. Winged- having wings for flight
  26. Woeful- full of woe; wretched
  27. Wistful- having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing
  28. Worrying- causing anxiety or concern
  29. Wrathful- full of or characterized by intense anger
  30. Worldly- experienced and sophisticated
  31. Worsening- becoming worse
  32. Warp- speed – extremely fast
  33. Wholehearted- fully or completely sincere
  34. Winsome- charming, often in a childlike or innocent way
  35. White- of the color white
  36. Worthy- deserving effort, attention, or respect
  37. Wakeful- not sleeping or able to sleep
  38. Well- off – in a favorable situation or comfortable circumstances
  39. Wearisome- causing tiredness or boredom
  40. Waggish- humorous in a playful, mischievous, or facetious manner
  41. Watchful- alert and vigilant
  42. Wounding- causing injury or pain
  43. World- weary – feeling or showing weariness from the world and life in general
  44. Written- marked in writing
  45. Wary- feeling or showing caution about possible dangers
  46. Wizened- shriveled or wrinkled with age
  47. Work- related – related to one’s job or profession
  48. Workaholic- compulsively working hard and long hours
  49. Wacky- crazy or eccentric
  50. Wandering- traveling aimlessly from place to place
  51. Welcoming- friendly or making one feel welcome
  52. Wrinkled- having lines or folds in the skin or surface
  53. Watchable- capable of being watched
  54. Wordy- using too many words
  55. Wistful- having a feeling of vague or regretful longing
  56. Writhing- making twisting or contorting movements
  57. Wellspring- providing a continuous supply of something
  58. Wheeler- dealing – engaging in complex business transactions
  59. Waiflike- thin and looking unhealthy or uncared for
  60. Weedy- full of or resembling weeds
  61. Worthless- having no real value or use
  62. Wasteful- using resources irresponsibly
  63. Wanted- desired or wished for
  64. Wearable- suitable for wearing
  65. Webbed- having membrane or tissue connecting the toes or fingers
  66. Welterweight- a weight category in boxing
  67. Wiling- delight or willingness to comply
  68. Windy- characterized by strong wind
  69. Wintery- resembling winter conditions
  70. Wordless- lacking words; silent
  71. Working- class – belonging to the social group that works for wages
  72. Woeful- full of sorrow
  73. Wonky- not straight or level
  74. Wear- resistant – resistance to wear and tear
  75. Willowy- gracefully slender
  76. Woundable- capable of being wounded
  77. Wild- eyed – having a frantic or intense expression in the eyes
  78. Washable- capable of being washed without being damaged
  79. Welldressed- dressed in fashionable or elegant clothes
  80. Wafting- carried lightly through the air
  81. Woozy- unsteady, dizzy, or dazed
  82. Wrathful- full of immense anger
  83. Watchfuleyed- eyes that are keenly observant
  84. Windblown- carried by the wind
  85. Wayfaring- traveling by foot
  86. Wishful- having a desire for something
  87. Waterlogged- heavily soaked with water
  88. Welldefined- clearly defined; having clean lines
  89. Wordless- not spoken; silent
  90. Wellmannered- having or showing polite or courteous behavior
  91. Waterlogged- saturated with water
  92. Wintry- characteristic of or resembling winter
  93. Walloping- very big, powerful, or impressive
  94. Water- repellant – resisting the penetration of water
  95. Wrenching- causing mental or emotional anguish
  96. Wartlike- resembling a wart in growth
  97. Winnable- capable of being won
  98. Wide- ranging – covering an extensive range
  99. Wanton- deliberate and unprovoked
  100. Weak- kneed – lacking confidence or determination.

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