Adjectives That Start With Y: Enhance Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of adjectives beginning with the letter “Y” to enhance your vocabulary and spice up your writing.

  1. Youthful- young or seeming young.
  2. Yawning- very wide or large.
  3. Yearly- occurring every year.
  4. Yeasty- resembling or containing yeast.
  5. Yelled- shouted or loud.
  6. Yelling- producing a loud cry.
  7. Yellow- having the color like that of an egg yolk or sun.
  8. Yellowish- somewhat yellow; having a hint of yellow.
  9. Yonder- distant but within sight.
  10. Yielding- giving way under pressure; not stiff or rigid.
  11. Yummy- delicious; highly tasty.
  12. Yucky- unpleasant to taste or look at.
  13. Yugoslav- relating to Yugoslavia, its people, or its language.
  14. Yarn- dyed – dyed before being woven into textiles.
  15. Year- end – occurring or done at the end of the year.
  16. Yearlong- lasting throughout the year.
  17. Yeomanly- characteristic of a yeoman (a small, diligent farmer or a naval petty officer).
  18. Yieldable- capable of yielding or bending under pressure.
  19. Youngish- somewhat young.
  20. Yarn- like – resembling yarn.
  21. Yeastlike- similar in appearance or nature to yeast.
  22. Yellowed- turned yellow, typically from age or exposure.
  23. Yellow- bellied – cowardly; easily scared.
  24. Yclept- named or called.

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