Positive Adjectives That Start with O: A Complete List

You’ll find a list of positive adjectives that start with the letter “O” to enrich your vocabulary and uplift your descriptions here.

  1. Optimistic- hopeful and confident about the future.
  2. Outstanding- exceptionally good.
  3. Open- minded – willing to consider new ideas.
  4. Original- fresh and unusual; not a copy.
  5. Outgoing- sociable and easy to get along with.
  6. Observant- quick to notice things.
  7. Obedient- willing to follow commands or instructions.
  8. Obliging- willing to help others.
  9. Orderly- neatly and methodically arranged.
  10. Opulent- richly luxurious or lavish.
  11. Objective- unbiased and impartial.
  12. Overflowing- abundant and plentiful.
  13. Organic- natural and wholesome.
  14. Omniscient- all-knowing and wise.
  15. Optimal- best or most favorable.
  16. Open- hearted – kind and generous.
  17. Ornate- elaborately decorated or adorned.
  18. Obvious- easily perceived or understood.
  19. Oner- free – without burden; easy-going.
  20. Operative- functioning effectively.
  21. Olympian- majestic; superior in quality.
  22. Overjoyed- extremely happy.
  23. On- point – exactly right; perfect.
  24. Omnipotent- all-powerful.
  25. Opportune- occurring at a favorable time.
  26. Outstandingly- exceptionally well.
  27. Overflowing- abundant and plentiful.
  28. Observant- alert and watchful.
  29. Optimized- made efficient and effective.
  30. Over- the-moon – extremely pleased or happy.
  31. Overcoming- successfully dealing with obstacles.
  32. Orderly- methodical and systematic.
  33. Ossified- set in a stable, unchangeable manner.
  34. Open- honest and transparent.
  35. Obligeable- willing and eager to help.
  36. Onward- progressing forward.
  37. One- of-a-kind – unique; unparalleled.
  38. Overachieving- performing above expectations.
  39. Outstandingly- exceptionally well.
  40. Organizational- skilled at arranging things systematically.
  41. On- the-ball – alert and efficient.
  42. Outfitting- equipped with everything needed.
  43. Ovation- worthy – deserving of applause.
  44. Optimal- most effective and desirable.
  45. Overjoying- causing great happiness.
  46. Overcoming- successfully dealing with obstacles.
  47. Outspoken- honest and direct in speech.
  48. Overcoming- successfully dealing with challenges.
  49. Observant- keenly perceptive.
  50. Operable- capable of being operated or used.
  51. Outstretching- reaching out enthusiastically.
  52. Organized- systematic and efficient.
  53. Outdistance- ahead of others.
  54. Oratorical- eloquent and skilled in public speaking.
  55. Openhanded- generous and giving.
  56. Outstanding- extraordinarily good.
  57. Overflowing- very full or packed.
  58. Original- inventive and unique.
  59. Optimized- made the best use of.
  60. Overriding- dominant and important.
  61. Overwhelming- powerfully affecting.
  62. Obliging- ready to help kindly.
  63. Opulent- luxuriously rich.
  64. Openhearted- kind and generous.
  65. One- of-a-kind – unique and irreplaceable.
  66. Outperforming- doing better than others.
  67. On- going – continuing without interruption.
  68. Observing- watching thoughtfully.
  69. Overachieving- surpassing expectations.
  70. Organizing- arranging systematically.

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