V Words to Describe Someone: A Handy List

Discover a list of vivid and varied “v” words to describe someone with precision and flair.

  1. Valiant- Brave and determined.
  2. Vivacious- Lively and animated.
  3. Versatile- Capable of adapting to many functions.
  4. Virtuous- Having high moral standards.
  5. Venturesome- Inclined to take risks.
  6. Visionary- Having powerful ideas about the future.
  7. Venerable- Given great respect due to age or wisdom.
  8. Vibrant- Full of energy and enthusiasm.
  9. Valiant- Courageous and strong.
  10. Vigilant- Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
  11. Venial- Minor and easily excused.
  12. Vigorous- Strong, healthy, and full of energy.
  13. Velvety- Smooth and soft.
  14. Vivid- Producing powerful feelings or clear images in the mind.
  15. Voluptuous- Displaying a shapely and pleasing physique.
  16. Voluble- Speaking or spoken incessantly and fluently.
  17. Vainglorious- Excessively proud of oneself or one’s achievements.
  18. Veracious- Speaking or representing the truth.
  19. Vivifying- Enlivening or invigorating.
  20. Volitional- Pertaining to the use of one’s will.
  21. Volcanic- Explosive and unpredictable.
  22. Venturesome- Bold and willing to take risks.
  23. Variegated- Exhibiting different colors.
  24. Veritable- Real or genuine.
  25. Volant- Capable of flying or moving quickly.
  26. Vulgar- Lacking sophistication or good taste.
  27. Vicarious- Experienced in the imagination through another.
  28. Vehement- Showing strong feeling or forcefulness.
  29. Vilified- Spoken about in a disparaging manner.
  30. Valorized- Exalted in worth or value.
  31. Venerated- Highly respected or revered.
  32. Vigilant- Keeping careful watch for potential problems.
  33. Voracious- Having a huge appetite.
  34. Venomous- Full of malice or spite.
  35. Vulnerable- Open to physical or emotional harm.
  36. Vexatious- Causing irritation or annoyance.
  37. Vanquished- Defeated thoroughly.
  38. Vapid- Offering nothing stimulating or challenging.
  39. Venturous- Risk-taking and adventurous.
  40. Vernacular- Using the common language of the people.
  41. Virtuoso- Highly skilled in a musical or artistic pursuit.
  42. Voluminous- Occupying a large space.
  43. Vital- Absolutely necessary or important.
  44. Vaunted- Praised boastfully.
  45. Vinaceous- Of the color of red wine.
  46. Vicarial- Relating to a vicar or a substitute.
  47. Vehement- Strongly emotional or intense.
  48. Voguish- Stylish or trendy.
  49. Vermicular- Relating to worms; resembling movement of worms.
  50. Vacuous- Lacking ideas or intelligence.
  51. Veritable- True, often with an implied comparison.
  52. Volant- Flying or capable of flying.
  53. Vindicated- Cleared of blame or suspicion.
  54. Vocal- Expressing opinions freely.
  55. Velocious- Swift or fast-moving.
  56. Vivified- Given new life or vitality.
  57. Valorous- Displaying courage or bravery.
  58. Volitional- Relating to the use of one’s will.
  59. Virtuoso- Masterly skilled in a particular field.
  60. Veridical- Truthful or accurate.
  61. Versed- Experienced or skilled in something.
  62. Vigilante- Taking the law into one’s own hands.
  63. Vincible- Capable of being overcome.
  64. Vascular- Relating to blood vessels.
  65. Verminous- Infested with vermin.
  66. Verdant- Green with growing plants.
  67. Veliferous- Bearing or carrying sails.
  68. Viscous- Having a thick, sticky consistency.
  69. Void- Completely empty.
  70. Voluble- Talkative with ease.
  71. Vivisepulture- The act of burying someone alive.
  72. Venerated- Highly respected.
  73. Vicarious- Taking the place of another person or thing.
  74. Vehement- Intense and passionate.
  75. Vandalized- Deliberately destroyed or damaged.
  76. Vitiated- Spoiled or impaired.
  77. Voluptuary- Devoted to luxury and sensual pleasures.
  78. Ventriloquist- Someone who can speak without moving their lips.
  79. Voracious- Greedy for food or other things.
  80. Vagabond- A person who wanders from place to place.
  81. Veritable- Truly or very much so.
  82. Vindictive- Having a strong desire for revenge.
  83. Versicolor- Changing in color.
  84. Vivisect- Perform surgery on a living animal for research.
  85. Volatile- Likely to change rapidly and unpredictably.
  86. Vain- Having an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance or abilities.
  87. Vexed- Annoyed or frustrated.
  88. Vigil- A period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep.
  89. Venerable- Commanding respect due to great age or dignity.
  90. Vicar- A representative or deputy of a bishop.
  91. Vicinity- The area near or surrounding a place.
  92. Votive- Offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow.
  93. Vague- Unclear or indefinite.
  94. Visceral- Relating to deep inward feelings rather than intellect.
  95. Valiant- Possessing or showing courage.
  96. Verbose- Using or expressed in more words than are needed.
  97. Vibrant- Full of life and energy.
  98. Voluntary- Done, given, or acting of one’s own free will.
  99. Virtuous- Having or showing high moral standards.

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