Z Words to Describe Someone: Top Examples and Meanings

Discover a vibrant list of descriptive words that start with the letter ‘Z’ to add zest to your vocabulary.

  1. Zany- Amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic.
  2. Zealous- Full of enthusiastic and intense devotion.
  3. Zestful- Filled with great enthusiasm and energy.
  4. Zappy- Lively, energetic, and exciting.
  5. Zonal- Relating to or divided into zones.
  6. Zenithal- Reaching the highest point or state.
  7. Zestful- Full of flavor or interest; spirited and hearty.
  8. Zooty- Flashy or stylish in appearance.
  9. Zippy- Full of energy and liveliness.
  10. Zafdig- Having a full, rounded figure; plump.
  11. Zodiacal- Relating to or concerning the zodiac.
  12. Zend- Pertaining to the Zend-Avesta, the sacred writings of Zoroastrianism.
  13. Zephyrous- Gentle and mild like a zephyr; airy.
  14. Ziegy- Highly spirited and cheerful.
  15. Zincky- Resembling or pertaining to zinc.
  16. Zoomorphic- Having elements of animal shapes.
  17. Zygomorphic- Having bilateral symmetry.
  18. Zionist- Supporting the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland.
  19. Zoological- Pertaining to the science of zoology.
  20. Zygodactylous- Having paired toes on each foot, as certain birds.

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