epi Prefix: Understanding Its Meaning and Usage

In this article, you’ll learn all about the “epi” prefix, including its meaning, examples, and how it changes the meaning of words.

  1. Epidermis- outer layer of skin
  2. Epidemic- widespread occurrence of disease
  3. Epilogue- concluding section of a literary work
  4. Epiphany- sudden realization
  5. Epidemiology- study of disease patterns
  6. Epigram- witty or terse statement
  7. Epilepsy- neurological disorder with seizures
  8. Epicenter- central point of an earthquake
  9. Epistrophe- repetition of a word at the end of successive clauses
  10. Episode- part of a series or event
  11. Epistemology- philosophy of knowledge
  12. Epicycle- circular orbit within another orbit
  13. Epizootic- disease outbreak in animals
  14. Epigenetics- study of changes in gene expression
  15. Epitaph- inscription on a tombstone
  16. Epitope- part of an antigen molecule
  17. Epitome- perfect example or summary
  18. Epiphyte- plant growing on another plant
  19. Epistolary- pertaining to letters or correspondence
  20. Epistolite- a type of metamorphic rock
  21. Epithalamium- poem celebrating a marriage
  22. Epistasis- interaction between genes
  23. Epithesis- addition of a phoneme at the end
  24. Epithermal- relating to moderate temperatures
  25. Epicedium- funeral song or lament
  26. Epinicion- victory ode
  27. Epicure- one with refined tastes in food
  28. Epaxial- situated above the axis
  29. Epilimnion- top layer of water in a stratified lake
  30. Epitope mapping- determining the binding site on antigens
  31. Epithalamus- part of the brain
  32. Epigraphy- study of inscriptions
  33. Epiotic- pertaining to the upper part of the ear
  34. Epimer- compounds differing at one stereocenter
  35. Epitactic- oriented growth of one crystal on another
  36. Epizoon- parasite living on the surface
  37. Epirupture- breaking upon the surface
  38. Epiklesis- part of a liturgical prayer
  39. Epigenesis- development process in biology
  40. Eponym- named after a person
  41. Epiarchies- territories under delegated authority
  42. Epibiont- organism living on another organism
  43. Epizoochory- seed dispersal through animals
  44. Ephemeris- table of celestial positions
  45. Epirogeny- broad, slow uplift of land
  46. Epicormic- buds growing from a tree trunk
  47. Epicaricacy- deriving joy from others’ misfortunes
  48. Epikerenia- cortical area in insects
  49. Epirrhizous- growing upon roots
  50. Epiphenomenon- secondary effect or byproduct
  51. Episternal- related to the sternum area
  52. Epipagous- growing upon something else
  53. Epiparietal- located above the parietal area
  54. Epiphyllous- growing upon leaves
  55. Epitrauma- injuries affecting surface areas
  56. Episcope- ecclesiastical oversight
  57. Epural- beside or near the tail fin in fish
  58. Epistaxis- nosebleed
  59. Epifocal- relating to the focal point
  60. Epicyclical- moving in cycles within another cycle
  61. Epipedon- surface layer of soil
  62. Epipharynx- upper part of the pharynx
  63. Epizoonic- referring to surface parasites
  64. Epilaryngeal- relating to the area above the larynx
  65. Epizoic- referring to an organism living on another organism
  66. Epirogenic- causing the broad, mild rising or subsiding of the earth’s crust
  67. Episodic- occurring occasionally or in episodes
  68. Epinast- development pattern in plants
  69. Episternum- a part of the insect thorax
  70. Epidosis- giving or donation
  71. Epithymetic- related to desires
  72. Epilysin- an enzyme involved in liquefaction
  73. Epiphysis- end part of a long bone
  74. Epiglottis- flap in the throat preventing food from entering windpipe
  75. Epitarsus- part of an insect’s leg
  76. Epicurean- relating to the pursuit of pleasure
  77. Epirrama- inscription in verse
  78. Epimitrula- pertaining to fungal structures
  79. Epiotic- situated upon the ear
  80. Epitric- applied to a substance in a secondary mineral vein
  81. Epilimnetic- pertaining to the upper layer of water in lakes
  82. Epipedon- diagnostic horizon in soil taxonomy
  83. Epimeric- related to compounds differing at one chiral center
  84. Epitrite- a specific type of ancient Greek verse meter
  85. Epinicias- songs or odes of victory
  86. Epacme- climax or peak
  87. Epiphysis- pineal gland in the brain
  88. Epimorphic- related to regeneration of organisms
  89. Epoleptic- providing supplemental support
  90. Epibranchial- located above the gills
  91. Epiplakin- gene encoding proteins in the epidermis
  92. Epulide- related to gum hypertrophy
  93. Epaxonce- a taxon in evolutionary biology
  94. Epimenia- membrane in certain invertebrates
  95. Epizous- living as a parasite on the body
  96. Epihemisphere- half of a spherical object
  97. Epifoam- foam occurring on the surface of a liquid
  98. Epimedium- a genus of flowering plants
  99. Epimetheus- a moon of Saturn

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