Wo Words: Answers to Questions and How-Tos

Discover how combining two distinct words can create a powerful impact in communication and enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Woes- Troubles or problems.
  2. Womb- The organ in females where offspring develop.
  3. Wont- Custom or habit.
  4. Wore- Past tense of wear.
  5. Wolf- A wild carnivorous mammal.
  6. Wond- To direct the course of; steer.
  7. Wood- The hard material from trees.
  8. Woke- Past tense of wake.
  9. Work- Activity involving effort for a result.
  10. Worm- A type of invertebrate animal.
  11. Won’t- Contraction of will not.
  12. Worn- Damaged by long-term use.
  13. Wove- Past tense of weave.
  14. Wont- Inclined or used to.
  15. Wows- Exclamations of awe or wonder.
  16. Work- Tasks or duties to perform.
  17. Wooed- Courted with the intention of marriage.
  18. Wool- Fibers from sheep and animals used for clothing.
  19. Words- Units of language that convey meaning.
  20. World- The earth and its inhabitants.

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