Words with Retro: List and Examples

Learn an extensive list of words that contain “retro” to enhance your understanding and vocabulary.

  1. Retroactive- taking effect from a date in the past.
  2. Retrospective- looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.
  3. Retrofit- to add a component or accessory to something that did not have it when manufactured.
  4. Retronym- a term created because an existing term has become inadequate.
  5. Retrophile- a person with an interest in past fashions or cultures.
  6. Retrorocket- a rocket providing backward thrust, used to slow or reverse a spacecraft or missile.
  7. Retrogression- the process of returning to an earlier state, typically a worse one.
  8. Retrodictive- making conclusions about the past.
  9. Retroversion- the state of being turned backward.
  10. Retrodiction- the act of reasoning backwards to infer past events.
  11. Retroviral- relating to or caused by retroviruses.
  12. Retrovision- backward glance or review.
  13. Retroreflective- reflecting light back to its source.
  14. Retrogress- to move backward, especially into an earlier, usually worse condition.
  15. Retroflex- turned or bent backward.
  16. Retronasal- related to the space at the back of the nose.
  17. Retrocede- to return or give back.
  18. Retroscope- a device for looking backward or reviewing past events.
  19. Retroact- to act upon something in the past.
  20. Retrochoir- a part of a church located behind or beyond the main choir.
  21. Retrocession- the act of returning something to its former owner.
  22. Retrolental- located or occurring behind the lens of the eye.
  23. Retromingent- urinating backward (used to describe certain animals).
  24. Retrofitment- the addition of new technology or features to older systems.
  25. Retropulsion- backward movement.
  26. Retroperitoneal- situated or occurring behind the peritoneum.
  27. Retrobase- a historical starting point for comparisons and assessments.
  28. Retronasal- relating to or situated behind and above the hard palate.
  29. Retropunch- a boxing technique or move in which the boxer moves backward.
  30. Retrowave- a genre of electronic music inspired by the 1980s.
  31. Retroprojector- a device for projecting images onto a surface from behind.
  32. Retrognathia- a condition where the jaw is set back from the frontal plane of the forehead.
  33. Retrostroking- in swimming, the movement of arms in a backward direction.
  34. Retrovizor- an instrument for looking back or reviewing past events.
  35. Retrorespondent- someone who responds by reflecting on past events.

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