Words with Cent: Common Examples and Uses

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words containing “cent” to enhance your vocabulary and understanding.

  1. Cent- A monetary unit equal to one hundredth of a dollar.
  2. Century- A period of 100 years.
  3. Centimeter- A metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter.
  4. Centipede- A predatory, many-legged arthropod.
  5. Centrism- Political or social belief advocating moderate policies.
  6. Central- Situated at the center.
  7. Centrally- In or at the center.
  8. Centralize- To bring under a central authority.
  9. Centric- Situated at or pertaining to the center.
  10. Centrist- A person who holds moderate political views.
  11. Centrifuge- A machine that uses centrifugal force to separate substances.
  12. Centrifugal- Moving or tending to move away from a center.
  13. Centripetal- Moving or tending to move toward a center.
  14. Percent- One part in every hundred.
  15. Percentage- A rate, number, or amount in each hundred.
  16. Percents- Plural of percent; parts per hundred.
  17. Bicentennial- Relating to the 200th anniversary of a significant event.
  18. Centennial- Relating to the 100th anniversary of a significant event.
  19. Decentralize- To distribute administrative powers or functions over a less concentrated area.
  20. Concentrate- To focus all efforts or attention on a specific area or aspect.
  21. Concentration- The action or power of focusing attention.
  22. Accent- To emphasize a particular feature.
  23. Accentuate- To make something more noticeable.
  24. Consent- To give permission for something.
  25. Consenting- Agreeing or giving permission.
  26. Dissent- To express a different opinion.
  27. Dissenter- A person who disagrees with the majority opinion.
  28. Resent- To feel bitterness or indignation.
  29. Resentment- Persistent ill will or bitterness.
  30. Descend- To move downward.
  31. Descent- The act of descending; lineage.
  32. Ascent- The act of rising or going upward.
  33. Ascend- To move upward.
  34. Inception- The starting point or beginning of something.
  35. Concentric- Having a common center.
  36. Decent- Conforming to acceptable standards.
  37. Eccentric- Unconventional and slightly strange.
  38. Innocent- Free from guilt or blame.
  39. Absence- The state of being away or not present.
  40. Incense- A substance burned for its fragrant aroma.
  41. License- Official permission to do something.
  42. Magnificent- Extremely beautiful or impressive.
  43. Opalescent- Showing varying colors as an opal does.
  44. Scent- A distinctive smell.
  45. Present- Existing or happening now.
  46. Presence- The state of being present.
  47. Sentiment- A view or attitude based on emotion.
  48. Sentimental- Dealing with feelings of tenderness or nostalgia.
  49. Sentence- A set of words that forms a complete statement.
  50. Essential- Absolutely necessary or important.
  51. Essence- The intrinsic nature of something.
  52. Crescent- A curved shape tapering to points at the ends.
  53. Incandescent- Emitting light as a result of being heated.
  54. Decency- Behavior that conforms to accepted standards.
  55. Omnipresent- Present everywhere at the same time.
  56. Concentricity- The quality of having a common center.
  57. Adolescent- A young person developing into an adult.
  58. Adolescence- The period following the onset of puberty.
  59. Incantation- A series of words said as a magic spell.
  60. Incentive- A thing that motivates or encourages.
  61. Fluorescent- Emitting light while exposed to radiation.
  62. Crescent- A curved, sickle shape.
  63. Concentred- Gathered together in one place.
  64. Decrescent- Becoming smaller or decreasing.
  65. Consentient- In agreement.
  66. Centenary- The 100th anniversary.
  67. Concentered- Concentrated in one place or area.
  68. Assent- To agree or approve.
  69. Epicenter- The point on the Earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake.
  70. Concentric- Having a common center, as in circles or spheres.
  71. Munificent- More generous than usual or necessary.
  72. Fulcrum- The point on which a lever rests or is supported.
  73. Sufficent- Enough; adequate.
  74. Recentring- Returning to a central point or focus.
  75. Centavo- A monetary unit in some countries equivalent to one hundredth of a basic unit.
  76. Centile- A score below which a given percentage of scores fall.
  77. Recent- Having happened or been done not long ago.
  78. Sentient- Able to perceive or feel things.
  79. Sentence- A group of words that express a complete thought.
  80. Scented- Having a pleasant smell.
  81. Desensitize- Cause to be less responsive to stimuli.
  82. Sentient- Able to perceive or feel things.
  83. Consentaneous- Agreeing or suitable.
  84. Presentable- Clean, well-dressed, or decent enough to be seen in public.
  85. Sentry- A guard or soldier on watch.
  86. Eccentricity- The quality of being unconventional or strange.
  87. Percentile- A measure used in statistics indicating the value below which a given percentage falls.
  88. Centrefold- The two middle pages of a magazine or newspaper.
  89. Concentrically- In a manner of having a common center.
  90. Incentivize- To provide with an incentive.

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