k christmas words: Festive Vocabulary List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of Christmas-related words that start with the letter K to enhance your festive vocabulary.

  1. Kris Kringle- Another name for Santa Claus.
  2. Kneel- To bend the knees and rest on them, often done during Christmas prayers.
  3. Kindness- The quality of being friendly and generous, often emphasized during Christmas.
  4. Kin- Family members gathered together for Christmas.
  5. Kugel- A traditional baked pudding or casserole, sometimes served during festive meals.
  6. Kiss- A gesture of love and goodwill, often exchanged under the mistletoe.
  7. Krampus- A mythical creature who punishes naughty children at Christmas.
  8. Keen- Highly enthusiastic, like a child’s excitement for Christmas morning.
  9. Kraft paper- Durable brown paper often used for wrapping Christmas presents.
  10. Kit- A set of prepackaged items, like a gingerbread house kit for Christmas activities.
  11. Kugelhopf- A traditional European cake sometimes served during Christmas celebrations.
  12. Kwanzaa- An African-American cultural festival that coincides with the Christmas season.
  13. Knife- A tool for carving the Christmas turkey or ham.
  14. Knell- The sound of a bell, often heard during Christmas church services.
  15. Kettle- Often found at Salvation Army stations during the holiday season for donations.
  16. Knee- socks** – Cozy socks that might be given as Christmas gifts.
  17. Kettle corn- A sweet and salty treat enjoyed during Christmas.
  18. Knead- To work dough with the hands, a common activity when baking Christmas cookies.
  19. Kolache- A pastry with a filling, sometimes enjoyed during Christmas festivities.
  20. Kernel- The seed inside a nut, like pecans and walnuts used in Christmas baking.
  21. Kohl- A type of eyeliner, sometimes used in traditional Christmas plays or pageants.
  22. Knob- Part of the fireplace where stockings might be hung.
  23. Know- To recognize and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
  24. Knapsack- A bag, sometimes used by Santa Claus to carry gifts.
  25. Keenly- With great enthusiasm or attention, similar to how one might celebrate Christmas.
  26. Kaleidoscope- A toy that can be a colorful Christmas gift.
  27. Kudos- Praise for a well-decorated Christmas tree or festive meal.
  28. Kid- A term for child, who are often the most excited about Christmas.
  29. Kaftan- A long, flowing garment that can be worn during Christmas celebrations.
  30. Keepsake- A sentimental object given or received as a Christmas gift.
  31. Kale- A leafy green, sometimes used in holiday meals.

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