Hydro Words: Definitions, Examples, and How-Tos

In this article, you’ll discover a variety of words that include the “hydro” prefix and learn what they mean.

  1. Hydrophilic- Attracted to water.
  2. Hydrophobic- Repels water.
  3. Hydrology- Study of water.
  4. Hydraulic- Operated by liquid pressure.
  5. Hydroponics- Growing plants in water.
  6. Hydroelectric- Electricity generated by water.
  7. Hydrothermal- Related to hot water.
  8. Hydrostatic- Relating to fluids at rest.
  9. Hydrosphere- All water on Earth’s surface.
  10. Hydroplane- Sliding uncontrollably on water.
  11. Hydrometer- Device to measure liquid density.
  12. Hydraulics- Technology using pressurized fluid.
  13. Hydrotherapy- Treatment using water.
  14. Hydrocarbon- Compound of hydrogen and carbon.
  15. Hydrogen- Lightest chemical element.
  16. Hydrolysis- Chemical breakdown by water.
  17. Hydrocellulose- Water-absorbent cellulose.
  18. Hydrodynamics- Study of fluids in motion.
  19. Hydratropic- Changing into hydroxyl derivatives.
  20. Hydrometeor- Water particle in the atmosphere.
  21. Hydrocephalus- Condition of fluid in the brain.
  22. Hydrophyte- Water plant.
  23. Hydroelectricity- Power from water movement.
  24. Hydrotropism- Growth towards moisture.
  25. Hydroids- Colonial marine organisms.
  26. Hydrometerological- Relating to atmospheric moisture.
  27. Hydrosurgeon- Specialist in water surgical therapies.
  28. Hydraulophone- Musical instrument using water.
  29. Hydrography- Mapping of water bodies.
  30. Hydrocracking- Petroleum refining process using hydrogen.
  31. Hydrofracking- Fracturing rock with pressurized liquid.
  32. Hydrosalpinx- Fluid in a fallopian tube.
  33. Hydrokinetic- Energy from water flow.
  34. Hydroids- Colonial marine organisms.
  35. Hydroxyapatite- Mineral found in bones and teeth.
  36. Hydrolyzable- Capable of being decomposed by water.
  37. Hydroperoxide- Chemical compound with -OOH group.
  38. Hydromassage- Massage using water jets.
  39. Hydrophore- Apparatus to measure water depth.
  40. Hydrops- Abnormal fluid accumulation.
  41. Hydropic- Watery or edematous.
  42. Hydrostatic- Property of fluids at equilibrium.
  43. Hydrofoil- Boat with wing-like supports.
  44. Hydropericardium- Fluid accumulation around the heart.
  45. Hydrostatic skeleton- Support system in soft-bodied animals.
  46. Hydroxyapatite- Naturally occurring mineral form.
  47. Hydrograph- Graph showing water flow.
  48. Hydrophytic- Related to water plants.
  49. Hydroxyurea- Medication used to treat cancer.
  50. Hydromorphology- Study of the structure of aquatic bodies.
  51. Hydroxyurea- Medication for sickle cell anemia.
  52. Hydrocele- Fluid-filled sac around a testicle.
  53. Hydromorphone- Pain relief medication.
  54. Hydrocracker- Device in refineries for hydrocracking.
  55. Hydrosurgery- Use of high-pressure water jets in surgery.
  56. Hydrant- Pipe for drawing water.
  57. Hydrology- Study of the properties of Earth’s water.
  58. Hydrolysate- Product of hydrolysis.
  59. Hydrotropic- Relating to movement in response to water.
  60. Hydrothermally- Involving hot water.
  61. Hydroxide- Compound with OH anion.
  62. Hydroxyzine- Medication for anxiety.
  63. Hydraulic lift- Device to lift using fluid pressure.
  64. Hydromechanics- Mechanics of fluids.
  65. Hydromassage bathtub- Bathtub with water jets for massage.
  66. Hydrogeology- Study of groundwater.
  67. Hydrotherapeutic- Related to water therapy.
  68. Hydrochloride- Compound of hydrochloric acid with organic base.
  69. Hydrocyanide- Salt of hydrocyanic acid.
  70. Hydroxyproline- Amino acid.
  71. Hydrophone- Device to detect underwater sounds.
  72. Hydroskimming- Simplified oil refinery process.
  73. Hydrogel- Polymer with a high water content.
  74. Hydrocyclone- Device to classify particles in a liquid suspension.
  75. Hydrokinetic turbine- Turbine powered by water currents.
  76. Hydroquinone- Compound used in skin lightening.
  77. Hydrometeorology- Study of the atmospheric moisture.
  78. Hydrochlorate- Combine with hydrochloric acid.
  79. Hydroagric- Pertaining to water in agriculture.
  80. Hydrochar- Carbon material derived from biomass.
  81. Hydrotriticum- Water culture of wheat.
  82. Hydride- Compound with hydrogen and another element.
  83. Hydrochorea- Dispersal of seeds by water.
  84. Hydroglossia- Condition with swelling of the tongue.
  85. Hydrogeography- Geography of water bodies.
  86. Hydroduct- Conduit for water.
  87. Hydrobiologist- Scientist studying aquatic life.
  88. Hydroceramics- Water-based ceramic production.
  89. Hydrocondensation- Condensation occurring in water.
  90. Hydrocupration- Copper extraction using water solutions.
  91. Hydroextraction- Water removal from substances.
  92. Hydroferricyanic- Relating to water and ferricyanide solutions.
  93. Hydroforming- Shaping metals using high-pressure water.
  94. Hydrofluoric- Relating to hydrogen fluoride.
  95. Hydroflake- Processed fish food made from water-life.
  96. Hydroflare- Flare system used in offshore drilling.
  97. Hydroflagellation- Causing movement in water using flagella.
  98. Hydrofracture- Breakage of rock with pressurized water.
  99. Hydrospiral- Spiral based on fluid dynamics.
  100. Hydroventure- Enterprise involving water technology.

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