Py Words: Enhance Your Vocabulary and Language Skills

In this article, you will learn about various words that start with the letters “py” and their meanings.

  1. Pyramid- A monumental structure with a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet in a point at the top.
  2. Pyre- A heap of combustible material, particularly one used for the ceremonial burning of a body.
  3. Pyrotechnics- The art of making or displaying fireworks.
  4. Psychiatry- The study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behavior.
  5. Pylon- A tall tower or structure, often used for carrying electricity cables or as a support.
  6. Pyromania- An obsessive desire to set fire to things.
  7. Pygmy- A member of certain peoples of very short stature in equatorial Africa and parts of Southeast Asia.
  8. Python- A large, heavy-bodied snake that kills by constriction.
  9. Pyrometer- An instrument for measuring high temperatures.
  10. Pylene- A part of the ancient Greek epic poem, referring to the gate of a city.
  11. Pyracantha- A dense, thorny shrub with bright berries.
  12. Pyrosequencing- A method of DNA sequencing based on the detection of released pyrophosphate.
  13. Pyrite- A brass-yellow mineral with a metallic luster, also known as fool’s gold.
  14. Pyrogens- Substances that cause fever when released into the blood.
  15. Pyrex- A brand of toughened glass, often used for kitchenware.
  16. Pylon- A large vertical steel tower supporting overhead electrical cables.
  17. Pyrography- The art or technique of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks.
  18. Pyroxene- A group of important rock-forming inosilicate minerals.
  19. Pyranometer- An instrument for measuring solar radiation.
  20. Pyrimidine- A basic aromatic heterocyclic organic compound similar to pyridine.
  21. Pyrus- A genus of trees and shrubs which includes the pears.
  22. Pyrola- A genus of flowering plants also known as wintergreens.
  23. Pyridoine- An artificial alkaloid obtained from pyridine.
  24. Pylorus- The gateway between the stomach and the duodenum.
  25. Pyroclastic- Relating to or consisting of fragments of rock erupted by a volcano.
  26. Pyrotechnist- A person skilled in the art of making fireworks.
  27. Pyrolysis- Decomposition brought about by high temperatures.
  28. Pyrolusite- A mineral consisting of manganese dioxide, important as an ore of manganese.
  29. Pyrheliometer- An instrument for measuring direct beam solar irradiance.
  30. Pyrometer- A device for measuring high temperatures.
  31. Pyrrhic- Referring to a metrical foot in poetry or a costly victory.
  32. Pyloric- Pertaining to the region where the stomach opens into the small intestine.
  33. Pyrophobia- An irrational fear of fire.
  34. Pyran- A six-membered heterocycle with one oxygen atom.
  35. Pyroxylin- A highly flammable, nitrate ester of cellulose used in making plastics.
  36. Pyrrole- A five-membered aromatic heterocycle.
  37. Pyrostat- A thermostat for controlling temperatures.
  38. Pyrolysis- Chemical change by heat.
  39. Pyroglutamate- A derivative of the amino acid glutamate.
  40. Pyralid- A family of moths.
  41. Pyrogenesis- Production of heat or the origin of a fever.
  42. Pyramis- An ancient pyramid or truncated cone structure.
  43. Pyroelectric- Referring to certain materials that generate an electric current when heated.
  44. Pycnotic- Relating to the condensation of chromatin in the cell nucleus.
  45. Pyrrhotite- A bronze-colored mineral that is magnetic.
  46. Pyronin- A red dye used for staining bacteria.
  47. Pyranometer- Device measuring solar irradiance.
  48. Pyrochemistry- Chemistry of high temperatures.
  49. Pyrocyst- A cyst forming in a pyogenic infection.
  50. Pyrochlore- A mineral group consisting of niobium and tantalum.

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