Qua Words: How-Tos and Common Questions Answered

In this article, you’ll discover a list of words that contain the term “qua” along with their definitions and usage.

  1. Quaint- attractively unusual or old-fashioned.
  2. Quack- the sound a duck makes; an unqualified doctor.
  3. Quadrant- each of four quarters of a circle.
  4. Quadruple- four times as much or many.
  5. Quagmire- a soft boggy area; a complex situation.
  6. Quail- a small, ground-dwelling bird; to feel or show fear.
  7. Quake- to shake or vibrate violently.
  8. Qualification- a condition that must be fulfilled.
  9. Qualify- to meet the criteria.
  10. Quality- the standard of something as measured.
  11. Qualm- an uneasy feeling of doubt.
  12. Quantum- a discrete quantity of energy.
  13. Quarry- an excavation site for extracting stone; prey.
  14. Quart- a unit of liquid capacity.
  15. Quarter- one fourth of a whole; a coin.
  16. Quartet- a group of four singers or performers.
  17. Quasar- a massive and extremely remote celestial object.
  18. Quash- to reject or void, especially by legal procedure.
  19. Quasi- seemingly; apparently but not really.
  20. Quench- to satisfy thirst; to extinguish a fire.
  21. Query- a question, especially one expressing doubt.
  22. Quest- a long search for something.
  23. Question- a sentence that requires an answer.
  24. Queue- a line or sequence of people.
  25. Quibble- a slight objection or criticism.
  26. Quick- moving fast; prompt.
  27. Quicksilver- mercury, especially in its liquid form.
  28. Quiet- making little or no noise.
  29. Quill- a bird’s feather used for writing.
  30. Quirk- a peculiar aspect of a person’s character.
  31. Quite- to a significant extent.
  32. Quiver- a slight trembling movement; a container for arrows.
  33. Quota- a fixed share or amount.
  34. Quotidian- occurring every day.
  35. Quote- to repeat words from another source.
  36. Quoth- said (archaic or literary use).
  37. Quandary- a state of perplexity or uncertainty.
  38. Quantify- to express or measure the quantity of.
  39. Quantitative- relating to the measurement of quantity.
  40. Quarrel- an angry argument or disagreement.
  41. Quarterly- occurring every three months.
  42. Quartet- a group of four singers.
  43. Quantize- to apply quantum theory to.
  44. Quantitative- relating to, measuring.
  45. Quarantine- a state of isolation to prevent disease spread.
  46. Quiescent- in a state of inactivity or dormancy.
  47. Quietude- a state of stillness, calmness.
  48. Quintessential- the most perfect or typical example.
  49. Quintet- a group of five musicians.
  50. Quip- a witty remark.
  51. Quirk- a peculiar behavioral habit.
  52. Quizzical- indicating mild or amused puzzlement.
  53. Quarantine- enforced isolation.
  54. Quanta- plural of quantum.
  55. Quadratic- involving the second power of a variable.
  56. Quaestor- an ancient Roman public official.
  57. Quagga- an extinct South African zebra.
  58. Quay- a platform lying alongside water for loading/unloading.
  59. Quenelle- a dish of creamed fish in the form of an egg.
  60. Quotation- a group of words taken from a text.
  61. Querying- asking a question.
  62. Quiescence- inactivity or dormancy.
  63. Quagmiry- resembling a quagmire.
  64. Qualitative- relating to, measuring quality.
  65. Quantized- converted into quanta.
  66. Quarrying- extracting stone.
  67. Quartering- dividing into four equal parts.
  68. Quenchless- unable to be satisfied or extinguished.
  69. Quaff- to drink heartily.
  70. Quadrupedal- relating to four-footed animals.
  71. Quaestor- Roman official.
  72. Quizzing- testing knowledge.
  73. Quaggy- resembling a quagmire.
  74. Quantizer- device for digitizing.
  75. Quadrivium- four subjects of medieval education.
  76. Quercetin- a type of plant pigment.
  77. Quell- suppress or subdue.
  78. Quiddity- the essence of something.
  79. Quinazoline- a heterocyclic compound.
  80. Quinella- a type of bet.
  81. Quid- a cut of chewing tobacco.
  82. Quincentenary- 500th anniversary.
  83. Quitter- someone who gives up easily.
  84. Quilted- padded with layers of fabric.
  85. Quota- portion or share.
  86. Quantitative- measurable by quantity.
  87. Quarried- extracted from a quarry.
  88. Quadrilateral- four-sided figure.
  89. Quiddity- essence or inherent nature.
  90. Quadrantid- meteors from a specific shower.
  91. Quibble- small objection.
  92. Quondam- former.
  93. Quagmiry- boggy.
  94. Quaffable- drinkable.
  95. Quantifiable- measurable.
  96. Querulous- complaining.
  97. Qualitative- pertaining to quality.
  98. Quiescently- quietly.
  99. Quislings- traitors collaborating with enemy.

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