Thanksgiving Words: Essential Vocabulary for the Holiday

Discover a comprehensive list of Thanksgiving words to enhance your holiday celebrations and add a festive touch to your conversations.

  1. Grateful- Feeling thankful.
  2. Harvest- Gathering crops.
  3. Feast- Large meal.
  4. Turkey- Traditional bird eaten.
  5. Stuffing- Bread-based dish inside turkey.
  6. Cranberry- Tart red berry.
  7. Pilgrims- Early settlers.
  8. Cornucopia- Symbol of abundance.
  9. Gratitude- Appreciation, thankfulness.
  10. Family- Relatives gathered.
  11. Tradition- Customary practice.
  12. Celebration- Festive activity.
  13. Fall- Autumn season.
  14. Pie- Sweet dessert.
  15. Relish- Enjoy greatly.
  16. Parade- Public procession.
  17. Football- Thanksgiving game.
  18. Blessings- Good fortune.
  19. Yams- Sweet potatoes.
  20. Friends- Close companions.
  21. Home- Place where one lives.
  22. Roast- Cook by dry heat.
  23. Cider- Apple beverage.
  24. Pumpkin- Large orange gourd.
  25. Native- Indigenous people.
  26. Holiday- Day of observance.
  27. Bountiful- Plentiful.
  28. Gathering- Assembly of people.
  29. Mashed- Crushed to a smooth consistency.
  30. Bounty- Good things received.
  31. Hearth- Fireplace area.
  32. Festival- Period of celebration.
  33. Carve- Cut into pieces.
  34. Bake- Cook by dry heat.
  35. Corn- Staple crop.
  36. Table- Surface for meals.
  37. Gravy- Sauce from meat juices.
  38. Cozy- Comfortably warm.
  39. Invitation- Request to join.
  40. Bless- To bestow good.
  41. Togetherness- Unity of people.
  42. Tasty- Pleasant to taste.
  43. Tradition- Passed down practices.
  44. Relatives- Extended family members.
  45. Thankful- Feeling pleased.
  46. Meal- Food eaten at set times.
  47. Indulge- Allow oneself to enjoy.
  48. Festive- Joyful and celebratory.
  49. Pecan- Nut often used in pies.
  50. Piecrust- Outer layer of pie.
  51. Crisp- Firm and fresh.
  52. Whipped- Beaten until light.
  53. Recipe- Instruction for cooking.
  54. Host- Organizer of a party.
  55. Cozy- Warm and comfortable.
  56. Heritage- Traditions and cultures.
  57. Peace- Tranquility and harmony.
  58. Reunion- Coming together again.
  59. Candied- Coated with sugar.
  60. Fourth- Thursday – Thanksgiving day.
  61. Generosity- Readiness to give.
  62. Leftovers- Remaining food.
  63. Settlers- Early inhabitants.
  64. Squash- Vegetal family.
  65. Mayflower- Ship of Pilgrims.
  66. Pilgrimage- Journey to a sacred place.
  67. Fall foliage- Autumn leaves.
  68. Thanks- Expression of gratitude.
  69. Cupcakes- Small cakes.
  70. Cranberry sauce- Sweet berry condiment.
  71. Saute- Cook in small amounts of fat.
  72. Gratitude journal- Record of thanks.
  73. Potluck- Meal where each guest contributes.
  74. Bonfire- Large open-air fire.
  75. Hayride- Ride on a wagon filled with hay.
  76. Nutmeg- Spice often used.
  77. Firewood- Wood for burning.
  78. Holiday season- Period of celebrations.
  79. Festive decor- celebratory decorations.
  80. Comfort food- Food that provides consolation.
  81. Merriment- Gaiety and fun.
  82. Cozy blanket- Warm covering.
  83. Utensils- Tools for eating.
  84. Fireplace- Place for a fire in the home.
  85. Candlelight- Light from a candle.
  86. Pile- Mass of gathered items (leaves).
  87. Sugar- Sweet crystalline substance.
  88. Harvest moon- Full moon nearest the autumn equinox.
  89. Midnight snack- Late-night meal.
  90. Sip- Drink a bit of.
  91. Recipes- Instructions for making.
  92. Sliced- Cut into portions.
  93. Toasty- Comfortably warm.
  94. Mingle- Mix socially.
  95. Appetizer- Small starter dish.
  96. Gratifying- Satisfying and enjoyable.
  97. Hearth- Fireplace area.
  98. Heritage- Cultural inheritance.
  99. Indigenous- Native to a place.

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